There are a lot of reasons why people are pro-choice rather than pro-life when it comes to the abortion debate. And as the label implies, most of these reasons have to do with the fact that a potential mother-to-be should have a choice about something that will inevitably affect her life immensely. For example, maybe the mother wants to have an abortion simply because they do not have the financial stability to go through with their pregnancy and ultimately raise the child for 18 years until they become an adult. Or maybe the mother wants to focus on her career or other aspects of her life that would be adversely affected by child that takes up much of her time and energy.

Now these arguments certainly have some validity to them, we won’t deny that fact. However, these arguments simply hold no ground when you consider what those arguments mean for the unborn child. What a lot of pro-choice advocates fail to recognize (or simply don’t want to admit), is that an abortion is the killing of an unborn child. And worst of all is that these unborn children have absolutely no say in the matter. Pro-choice advocates simply think it is ok that some children don’t get the opportunity to come into this world and live out their lives like the majority of other children who were conceived, so long as the mothers who carried them thought it was in their best interest to kill their children for their own selfish reasons.

As obvious as it should be, we feel the need to say it for anyone who may not fully comprehend: Abortion is immoral because killing babies is immoral.  Just because the killing happens in a doctor’s office, and the victim cannot scream in agony doesn’t make the killing any better. In fact, having people masquerade and advocate for the killing of babies under the guise of a better life for the mother makes the killing worse. Mothers who are willing to go through with an abortion will conveniently overlook what is actually happening to their own unborn child, so long as they can get away with it and aren’t shunned by society for it. In this regard, a lot of the blame when it comes to the widespread abortions happening all over the country falls on society, for allowing abortion to become “acceptable” by societal norms.

Although women can certainly choose what to do with their own bodies and their own lives in a general sense, things change dramatically when your “choice” involves involuntarily killing someone who quite frankly has no “choice” of their own. It’s actually quite hypocritical when you really think about it. Women will loudly call for their right to choose how to live their own lives, while conveniently ignoring the lives that actually don’t have any choice whatsoever. So while killing an unborn child is undeniably immoral, no matter how you look at it, the fact that women proudly proclaim that their right to “choose” how to live their lives justifies the death of another human being makes the act of abortion even worse.