While the debate on abortions initially started with good intentions many decades ago, we have long since moved past that point. Much of the debate back in the day was done with good intentions, largely focused on whether a fetus was considered a “life”, which ultimately determined whether or not it would be ok with “aborting” said fetus. Science has just about confirmed the validity of an unborn child as a “life”, starting from as soon as the child is conceived in the womb. And even mainstream society agrees for the most part that an unborn child, no matter what stage of the pregnancy they are in, should be considered a “life” that should not be killed.

But in light of these realizations that abortion is bad, the political left decided to take a new approach that effectively shifted the goalposts when it came to the abortion debate. Rather than focusing their argument on whether a fetus is truly a “life”, the left has adopted the argument that abortions are a right of the mother, taking the focus completely away from the unborn child and what their own rights are.

The left quickly identified themselves as the “Pro-Choice” movement to emphasize the rights of the mothers above everything else. And to help with their cause, they very quickly began injecting feminist sentiments with all of their rhetoric. For example, if a successful career woman had an unwanted pregnancy, they spun it as the woman needing the ability to choose for the sake of maintaining their career goals, with anyone who opposed that sentiment as anti-feminist.

Then they took it even further, spinning it as though the political right was trying to outright control a woman’s body, even though we very clearly don’t care a single bit about their body, but rather the human life that is inside of them and that has no say in whether they will live or die at the behest of their own mother.  Their goal was essentially to make anyone who opposed a woman and their right to get an abortion look like the enemy.

The pro-choice advocates also took it upon themselves to build themselves up as strong and powerful women, doing the exact opposite of what they did to critics by tearing them down and discrediting them as anti-feminist. They changed the conversation by making abortion something that women should be proud of supporting. In fact, the left was able to spin the conversation to the point where the only thing better than supporting abortion was to actually have had one yourself. People were now suddenly opening up regarding abortions that they’ve had in the past and saying how proud they were for what they did, completely ignoring the fact that doing so resulted in the death of an innocent baby.

And that is where we are today in the national abortion debate. The left focuses solely on tearing down the right, while building up those who support their views. However, despite their blatant politicization of the issue, they will never be able to avoid the simple truth that abortions are the killing of unborn children, something that is undeniably immoral. And because of that fact alone, we are confident that the pro-life movement will win out in the end.