Contrary to popular belief (especially by those who are pro-abortion), the key element that is absolutely required before an abortion can even be on the table is not something that women have absolutely no control over. We are of course talking about pregnancy – i.e. the inception of the soon-to-be baby. In fact, anyone with a logical mind can see that pregnancy can be largely avoided for the most part, especially when you consider a lot of the technological and social advances that we have made as a society as of late.

The first thing to realize is that pregnancy is for all intents and purposes only possible through sexual intercourse. No woman can realistically get pregnant otherwise. And all it takes is one sexual encounter to get pregnant. Thus, if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex. It’s really that simple. Although many sexually driven individuals don’t like the idea of abstinence, there are still ways to get off without having actual intercourse. Masturbation is a very healthy alternative that many people turn to in lieu of the real thing. And if you don’t feel like you are enjoying yourself as much as you would like, there is a whole world of intriguing sexual products that can get you to where you need to be sexually, all without engaging in only sexual act that can actually lead to pregnancy. Online sex toy stores like Blissful Cherry are all it takes to get you the sexual fulfillment you need without any risk of pregnancy (not to mention other unintended consequences of unsafe sexual activity).

However, many people simply can’t resist the temptation to have sex, despite it being the only way to guarantee avoiding a pregnancy. Luckily, similar to how the advent of sex toys has reduced the need for people to have sex without restraint, the advent of birth control pills has given an almost foolproof protection against pregnancy for those women who truly can’t resist that urge to have sex. With birth control pills having a greater than 99% effective rate when taken as instructed (i.e. taking your pill every day at the same time each day), you can have much greater confidence that you will not get pregnant, no matter how much sex you have.

Even if you aren’t comfortable with a greater than 99% effective rate with birth control pills alone, you can just as easily combine the pill with other forms of birth control to give you even more protection. The biggest example of this is the condom, which is not only a highly effective birth control method, but a very cheap one as well. Combining birth control pills with condoms or any other birth control method will only make you that much less likely to get pregnant.

As you can see, pregnancy is something that every woman can avoid. If you cannot avoid sexual intercourse altogether by relying on masturbation and potentially the use of toys to fulfill your sexual needs, we thankfully live in a world where birth control is not only widely available, but also highly effective. Ultimately, as “inconvenient” as a pregnancy may be on a woman and her family, it is important to always remember that just about all unwanted pregnancies can easily be avoided in the first place, making abortion as a direct response to an unwanted pregnancy totally unjustified.