For the most part, the debate on abortion all boils down to what defines a human “life”. This is because if everyone agreed that a fetus inside of a womb was considered a genuine life, then no one would be ok with killing it in the first place. And similarly, if everyone agreed that something was not considered a genuine life, then no one would have a problem getting rid of it, since it wouldn’t even be considered “killing” to begin with. However, we all know that a baby born through a normal pregnancy is unequivocally considered a genuine life, meaning the question ultimately comes down to when life begins. Once a determination is made on that, everything else falls into place. Fortunately for you, we have the answer to that all important question, and that is that life begins right upon conception.

Although there are countless people (including just about all pro-choice advocates) who might be skeptical of this assertion, a few logical steps will get you to the same conclusion as us. To start off, we know that a child is alive when they are outside of the womb. But if you were to hypothetically go back a few minutes to the point where the baby was just about to exit the womb, would you simply consider it as not living simply because of where it is situated physically (i.e. inside the womb rather than outside)? Of course not.

So trying to claim that a baby simply being in the womb still constitutes it as not being alive just makes no sense logically. If anything, one would have to try and argue some specific physical development that qualifies the baby as becoming alive. The most common example of this is the argument that once a baby has a heartbeat it is alive. However, the problem with this logic is that a baby does not just develop a heartbeat instantaneously. The physical development of literally everything that makes up a growing fetus is a continuous process, which makes defining some cutoff for when life “begins” totally arbitrary.

With this fact in mind, it becomes clear that the only way to truly define life is to take the actual starting point of this process. That starting point is none other than conception. Once conception occurs, the now fertilized egg begins a process that, if left to its own devices, will result in a fully functioning baby. Any other attempt to define life as starting at some arbitrary point in the middle of a pregnancy falls apart as soon as one realizes that such a point in time can never be so drastically different than the point in time just a few moments prior so as to warrant any significance to begin with. Given that the physical development of a human being is a wholly continuous process, that in reality does not just end at childbirth but continues through to adulthood, the only way to truly define when life begins is to look at when that continuous process actually begins in the first place. And that is why life undoubtedly begins upon conception.